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These are a few of my favorite things!  Sorry!  That song has been stuck in my head since the Glee Christmas Special.  :) 

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been away on vacation.  Feels good to be BACK though!  During that time, I’ve been spending time with family and trying to squeeze in as much circus-related activities as possible.  My muscles are sore in the best possible way, and I have a new-found love for Fabric.  (Thanks Bobby!)  Thanks also to Josh, Jason, Jesse, Marina and Lizzy for really pushing me to be my best.  I’m trying.  I’m a work in progress.  Aren’t we all?  That was very philosophical of me to say… anyway… on to the FUN stuff, ya?  Here are a few things I thought deserved mention and some new discoveries that I am loving: (last minute Holiday gift ideas?)

1.)  My Moshi Phone Handset - I’ve blogged about this before.  First our cell phones are dangerous to our brains, then they’re not.  No one can make up their mind anymore, but I’m not chancing anything.  When I have to be on the phone for more than a few minutes, I’m more than OK rockin’ this retro phone attachment.  Plus, Lenny Kravitz is a fan.  That makes it cool. 

2.)  Cuisinart Keurig K-Cup Coffee Brewer - Pardon the awful display picture.  That was taken the minute I got it out of the box.  Since then I bought the carousel to store the K-Cups and things look a lot more organized.  I absolutely love the single coffee cups and am still experimenting with the brands of them (soooo many to choose from!)  Anyone can tell you that I’m a coffee FIEND, and this machine is my new best friend.  (Thanks Steve/Debby/Becca/Noah - we love it!)

3.)  Dream Cream by Lush - This is another trapeze inspired product.  Not because it’s used at trapeze… hardly.  Just the opposite.  During practice we like to chalk up so we don’t slip, but that doesn’t mean we like to have lizard skin 24/7.  Two of my friends were raving about this product (Wendy & Galit)… so of course I ran to Lush first chance I got.  It’s hand-made deliciousness for your skin.  Thank me later. 

4.)  Lollia Wish - I normally don’t like to share my “secret” signature scents.  However I totally jacked this fragrance from a friend of mine a few years ago.  It smelled great on her so I went out and bought it.  Every time I wear it I get stopped on the street (in the most non-creepiest of ways.) 

5.)  The Body Shop eyeshadow quad - I am such a snob when it comes to eye makeup!  But I like this quad… A LOT!  It was an impulse buy, but I love the colors and the texture is great too.

6.)  My friend Lizzy’s blog - Lizzy is one of my trapeze heroes.  She’s amazing, and one day I hope I can be somewhere near the level she is at.  Her blog focuses on her trapeze journey.  She breaks down her learning/progress in the most engaging way.  It’s a blog for the trapeze lovers out there and for whoever else is just plain curious.  Reads well, and contains fun side-topics too. 

What are some items you’d add to the list?  Let me know!

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