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#MaksimChmerkovskiy’s Birthday Bash 2012 @ Hammerstein Ballroom, #NYC.  (Click photos to enlarge.)

For those of you who have known me for the past few years, you already know that I’m a DWTS super-fan.  I’m not sure if it’s the sparkle, the grace or just the performance factor, but I’m drawn to it and am in awe of such beautiful dancing. 

I had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend Maks' birthday bash, thrown by his friends, family and Dance with Me Studios.  I know he appears to be the “bad boy of the ballroom” on the show, but I have a feeling deep down he’s a big ball of mush.  What was supposed to be a roast for his 32nd birthday, really ended up being a love-fest.  “Big brother” was the theme of the night, being called that by many of his present and former students.  Watching him interact with his actual brother Val was sweet beyond words as well.  #Awwww!

The dancing btw was phenomenal.  (I think my friend Steff captured the best action shots if you want to check that out above… just CLICK through.) 

All my life, I’ve been involved in gymnastics, and then later on trapeze.  Two areas where you can get away with not having much grace (well, sorta.)

Dancing is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I must admire the skill so much because it’s something I’ve always believed I couldn’t do.  

Well, good news for me.  Since turning over a new leaf in 2012 (I’m down 5lbs!), this is no longer acceptable to me, so stay tuned.  That’s all I’m gonna say.  ;) 

My nerves were certainly put at ease (about my future dance lesson) by the lovely Twins and also by the amazing Tony Dovolani (who is a huge radio supporter!)  Love you guys!  And thank you so much for this incredible opportunity to be involved in something so touching.  (The event benefited St. Mary’s Healthcare for Children.) 

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