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I yap for a living. I love what I do! Radio personality in NYC | Philly | Las Vegas (@1035KTU, @MixPhiladelphia, @955TheBull) Also heard on The @WkndThrowdown & Nationwide on @NickRadio | Aerial Enthusiast | Mets Fan

In my spare time I love blogging, circus and aerial arts, shopping and reading! Thanks for the follow... xxoo

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Dear beautiful city I live in, you are beautiful. That is all. http://ift.tt/1sbIyDJ

And today I’m on top. Yeah #C4! @maryannsaerials @iflytrapeze Last day at Long Beach. Miss you already. http://ift.tt/1tTv1m8

#Repost from @mjayegram —- I’m going to miss you LB! Until next season. September sunsets :) http://ift.tt/1sTn6Yb

True story: Snapchat with @mrmet! @mets #lgm! (Snap = wendywildradio) http://ift.tt/1qT1Q2P

Creativity! Happy weekend, NYC. http://ift.tt/1sKEmig

These lion/cat/dog creatures make me insanely happy. http://ift.tt/1m0ZSyC

Not gonna lie, this kinda made my night. @donallogue — Can’t wait for #gotham! http://ift.tt/1tEh3Vd

w/ the gorgeous @emiiofficial. She’s too pretty to make silly faces! 💅💁🎵 http://ift.tt/WOVx5i

@erichertzog accidentally gave me @jaggeronair’s #cocacola. #friends #buddy http://instagram.com/p/s0H_BVs-6W/