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I yap for a living. I love what I do! Radio personality in NYC | Philly | Miami |(@1035KTU, @MixPhiladelphia, @939MIA) Also heard on The @WkndThrowdown & @NickelodeonTV | Aerial Enthusiast.

In my spare time I love blogging, circus and aerial arts, shopping and reading! Thanks for the follow... xxoo

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Feeling real good about this #summer #vacation #reading! @harlancoben is my favorite author!! AND #MyronBolitarIsMyBookCrush forever. http://ift.tt/1sSYZKc

#Repost from @producerjamienyc —- I like this way of thinking 💜 #goodvibes #positivethinking http://ift.tt/1udglTB

Oh hi. We’re just climbing trees and stuff. #itsbetteruphere http://ift.tt/1trKf2d

Short people like to climb stuff. Anything’ll do. http://ift.tt/1sEGA3u

And sometimes when ‘extreme silking’ in the wind… This happens. Scary pink fabric trying to kill me. #oops #nofilter http://ift.tt/1jR9OJH

#Repost from @nocookpaleo —- I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. #pintotheaussie is not a fan of the sounds of a storm. #danceintherain #goodnight http://ift.tt/1nUPbw5

This is @zedd. He makes great #music and gives great hugs. #doorwayselfie! http://ift.tt/1syaDd3

Found this in the #studio today. How well do my interns know me? The puppies are doing trapeze. 🙌 @djdoublet_t @1035ktu http://ift.tt/1n11JBe

#kidschoicesports! @flagaline performing! Florida Georgia #Slime! @thenickradio #CountryGirlAtHeart 💚 http://ift.tt/1kB1AAq

So proud to be part of the @wkndthrowdown crew with @jaggeronair. Love you big bro! 💛💙💜💚❤️ http://ift.tt/1nfhgir