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I yap for a living. I love what I do! Radio personality in NYC | Philly | Miami |(@1035KTU, @MixPhiladelphia, @939MIA) Also heard on The @WkndThrowdown & @NickelodeonTV | Aerial Enthusiast.

In my spare time I love blogging, circus and aerial arts, shopping and reading! Thanks for the follow... xxoo

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Toe box splits. http://ift.tt/1klAGin

My baby #red and @mfeller23’s #fizz about to go up up and away. Race ya to the top. http://ift.tt/1lXArKq

A visit from my Las Vegas radio sister, @claireontheair from @955thebull! We’re both short. http://ift.tt/1evkcUZ

About to get my finger scars REMOVED! Thanks to @medspa44! 😊 http://ift.tt/1kCG6YX

I’m not very good at surprises. But I AM super excited to give this to @adamkornblum! @kennethcole #hotwatch #style http://ift.tt/1qHkKHb

Is #Cuddy (@iiightcuddy) producing OR running a top secret spy mission? #toomanyelectronics http://ift.tt/1iBCmjz

When I see ropes anywhere, I feel the urge to climb them. Is that normal? http://ift.tt/1kASXeg

I ❤️the fact that someone wrote this! Follow the rules people. 😋 http://ift.tt/1k8OdK6

I wanna be outdoors! (And not have a pinched sciatic nerve,lol.) See ya soon @iflytrapeze. #aerials http://ift.tt/1haau9J